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Track China Post Parcels

Founded back in 1949, China Post (中国邮政), officially known as China Post Group Corp. is a state-owned Chinese logistics and postal service company, which handles the delivery of millions of packages within and outside of mainland China on a daily basis.
China Post also operates the EMS China division, mainly responsible for express mail delivery within mainland China.

China Post Tracking Specs

Quite predictably, the tracking options vary depending on the shipping country/region, but if you're using an international tracking solution, like Track Me Fast, tracking China Post parcels is super-fast.
What you need to do is enter the China Post tracking number in the field above, then proceed by clicking "Track," and give us a second to parse and display the parcel info to you.
Note! The tracking capabilities may be limited in case with unregistered China Post parcels (the tracking number includes 13 symbols, beginning with the "U"), usually trackable only within the territory of mainland China, prior to their export.

China Post Delivery Specs

The China Post delivery specifics mainly depend on the distance, as well as the laws and regulations in the shipping destination, which is why both the time frame and the shipping price may significantly differ, depending on where the parcel needs to be delivered.
Whereas China Post remains one of the busiest postal services in the world, the company also partners with numerous logistics companies in the UK, US, Australia and other world's regions in order to reduce the delivery time frame, as well as the shipping tariffs.

China Post Delivery Time Frame

While the China Post parcel delivery naturally takes less time in case with near-by countries, like Japan, it takes many more days to have the package successfully shipped to other continents.
In this respect, the estimated delivery time frame for China Post Air Mail usually ranges at 2 - 4 weeks, but it may easily rise up to 45 - 60 days, when shipped to the USA, Canada or France.