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Servicios Postales de PerĂº (or shortly Serpost) is the national postal and logistics service provider, which operates over 150 offices across the territory of Peru.
Aside from its own logistics capabilities, Serpost also partners with third-party courier services to ensure faster delivery on a domestic level and across the border of Peru as well.

Serpost Tracking Specs

Tracking Serpost parcels online is super-fast and effortless, whether you're doing it on the company's website, via its featured mobile app or here, at Track Me Fast.
To access the current delivery status for your parcel, just enter the Serpost tracking number in the search field above and click "Track." This is it.

Serpost Delivery Specs

Serpost parcel delivery within the territory of Peru is handled by both its own postal and logistics capabilities and a number of affiliated courier solutions, too.
While the company's parcel pickup services are limited to specific areas (usually in the bug cities), the drop-off features are accessible across most Serpost offices.
The shipping specifics mostly depend on the delivery area, the shipment type (Standard or Express) and the proximity to the nearest courier or postal office.

Serpost Delivery Time Frame

The average Serpost delivery time frame for domestic shipments ranges from 48 hours to 4 days depending on the proximity of the destination point of the delivery.
As for the more expensive Serpost Express parcels, these usually take 24 - 48 hours to deliver nationwide.
Serpost international deliveries on average take up to 15 - 25 days, depending on the destination point, weather conditions, in-transit circumstances and the third-party shipping carriers engaged, if any.

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