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Initially founded in Singapore, Shopee has managed to transform into a multinational conglomerate, which provides mobile-first digital shopping experience to customers in various parts of the world, including South-East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines), China, LATAM countries, like Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, and even European countries, like Poland.

Shopee Tracking Specs

First thing first, a customer's order ID, initially assigned to each Shopee order is NOT the Tracking number. Instead, the Shopee tracking number is assigned only upon the logistics partner assignment.
This is actually why tracking numbers for various orders on Shopee may have different formats, simply due to the fact that different shipping carriers handle their delivery.
Tracking the shipping status virtually takes seconds - either in the Shopee app or here, at Track Me Fast. Simply enter the tracking number in the Search field above and click "Track." That's it.

Shopee Delivery Specs

While Shopee is known to be a huge online C2C/B2C marketplace, the platform sellers usually partner with third-party world couriers to handle parcel delivery to buyers. Not only this removes extra pressure from the platform itself, but also enables merchants to ensure the fast and smooth delivery process.
The latter factor is crucial for many small businesses, selling their products via Shopee, given the importance of seller ratings for on-platform exposure, hence future sales.
Namely, the region-specific shipping couriers working with Shopee sellers include Ninja Van, GDEX, Pos Indonesia and many more.
As for Shopee24 Express shipments, even though the delivery time frame is different (next-day delivery is ensured for Shopee24 orders), the Shopee Express tracking specs are the same as those, applicable for standard delivery.

Shopee Delivery Time Frame

One of the most peculiar benefits of the Shopee e-commerce platform is the offered money back guarantee for buyers, in case their order hasn't been shipped, or hasn't been delivered within the defined time frame.
Namely, this feature, called "Shopee Guarantee", implies the determination of the money back guarantee period for order delivery in days using the following formula: Shopee Guarantee Period = Seller's DTS (days to ship) + EDT (estimated delivery time) + BCT (buyer confirmation time).
If the order hasn't been shipped, or delivered within the determined time frame, the money for the purchase (initially held by Shopee for security reasons) will be refunded to the buyer, upon their request.

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