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Founded back in 2006, Kerry Express has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular parcel delivery services not just in Thailand, but in other countries across ASEAN, too. Namely, the company operates regional offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
In addition to running on the C2C business model, Kerry Express also handles local and cross-border shipping delivery for third-party merchant partners, like Shopee and Lazada, just to name a few.

Kerry Express Tracking Specs

Kerry Express tracking capabilities are rather wide and include the company's website, mobile apps, a user's LINE account and, certainly, Track Me Fast.
Tracking Kerry parcels at Track Me Fast, in fact, takes seconds and requires one simple step: enter the Kerry tracking number for your shipping and click "Track" to access its current delivery status.

Kerry Express Delivery Specs

A variety of Kerry Express parcel delivery options includes the so-to-speak Standard Delivery, as well as Kerry SameDay Delivery, AM Delivery and Self Collection in a near-by parcel shop / service point if needed.
It's also possible to pay for the delivered shipments by cash, due to the special Kerry Express COD solution, available for third-party businesses upon request.

Kerry Express Delivery Time Frame

The delivery time frame depends on the selected option and ranges from 1 - 2 business days for the Standard delivery and is reduced to 1 day for Kerry SameDay Delivery, accordingly. The usual cut-off for SameDay Delivery drop-offs at Kerry Express Parcel Service Points is 11:30 AM.
As for Kerry AM Delivery, this option implies package delivery before noon on the specifically assigned due date.

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