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Founded back in 1826, Correo Argentino is a state-owned postal and logistics company, which operates a massive network of over 3500 postal offices in over 1000 locations across the territory of Argentina, which ensures the fast delivery of packages within the country.
To ensure the fast international delivery, Correo Argentino has established partnerships with the world's largest logistics services, like DHL, UPS, and FedEx.

Correo Argentino Tracking Specs

Correo Argentino tracking options include the Track & Trace system on the company's official website, using the parcel tracking number, which includes 9 numeric symbols, and online tracking features, provided by third-party services, like Track Me Fast.
Tracking Correo Argentino shipments is absolutely easy. Simply enter the unique tracking number and click "Track" to locate the parcel and monitor the shipping process at any particular point in time.

Correo Argentino Delivery Specs

Correo Argentino enables using several delivery options (Standard and Express), where the former one, in particular, usually implies Home delivery.
In case of the missed Home delivery, a recipient will receive a so-speak "visit notice", while the parcel will be available for the pickup in the nearest Correo Argentino pickup point for the next 5 business days prior to its return to the sender.

Correo Argentino Delivery Time Frame

The average Correo Argentino delivery time on the national level ranges from 3 to 6 days, depending on the area and selected delivery option. Meanwhile, Correo Argentino Express delivery implies a 24-hour parcel delivery between the largest cities, and may extend to 48 - 72 hours for the more remote areas.
Some of the major factors affecting the time frame for international delivery include the customs rules & regulations, shipping distance, third-party world courier partners involved in the transfer chain, and more.
The standard time period required for shipping parcels to neighbouring countries is around 4 days, with 8 days needed to deliver one to the US, and up to 15 days - to the rest of the world.
The Correo Argentino Express mail delivery usually takes 5 - 6 days, depending on the origin and the destination point.

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