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Founded back in 1969, DHL is a global leader in logistics and parcel delivery services, which operates thousands of branches in 220 countries and territories and employs over 400 000 specialists across the world.
The company also partners with 200+ postal providers worldwide to ensure the smoothest delivery of shipments regardless of how remote the area is.
The DHL global ecosystem includes thousands of regional branches within Europe, in the US, across the Asia-Pacific region and more. The company also operates DHL Express, which handles express mail delivery services.

DHL Tracking Specs

Tracking DHL parcels online is effortless, whether you're using tracking capabilities on the official website, or doing it via Track Me Fast, using the unique DHL parcel tracking ID, which includes from 10 to 39 characters (both letters and numbers).
Both the Standard and the DHL Express tracking flow is as easy as it gets: just enter the tracking number in the search field above, then continue by clicking "Track" to access the current delivery status.

DHL Delivery Specs

Whereas the DHL delivery capabilities vary depending on the country and region, the common practice for most areas is to provide customers with both the Standard and the Express delivery options.
The usual DHL delivery times are from Monday to Friday, while parcel delivery on Saturdays available only in selected areas.
The company also provides pickup services upon customers request, which can be scheduled easily online either in the DHL account, or using the DHL waybill number.

DHL Delivery Time Frame

The average delivery time frame for DHL shipments ranges from 2 - 3 days up to 20 days, depending on the destination point location.
Meanwhile, the usual time frame for DHL Express deliveries ranges between 1 and 6 business days for most destinations.

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