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Founded back in 1995, eBay is known as one of the most famous e-commerce companies in the US. Running on the C2C and B2C business models, eBay has managed to develop into a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, operating in over 32 countries of the world.
Aside from its initial "digital auction" sale mode, eBay currently offers a wider scope of online purchase capabilities, including the instant buy feature, and more.

eBay Tracking Specs

eBay global tracking capabilities are similar to those offered by other e-commerce giants, like Amazon and Shopee and imply a customer's ability to track their parcels online using a unique eBay tracking number.
While the eBay tracking ID itself may include a different number of characters (both numeric and alphabetical), the tracking flow remains the same. That is, if you wish to track your eBay parcel via Track Me Fast, simply enter the tracking number in the field above and click "Track."

eBay Delivery Specs

eBay enables sellers to ship their parcels to customers using a variety of third-party logistics providers and courier companies. In view of this, while the delivery specifics and fees usually vary depending on the shipping carrier, the common options available for customer selection include the standard/express delivery either directly to a requested shipping address, or a designated pickup service point.
In particular, some of the most widely-engaged shipping carriers within the US territory are UPS, FedEx and USPS.

eBay Delivery Time Frame

The delivery time frame for eBay shipments primarily depends on the seller's so-to-speak handling time (amount of time required to prepare and pack the parcel for delivery), as well as the destination and the selected courier company.
Namely, the average delivery time frame ranges between 1 and 30 business days upon the payment receipt.

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