The Track Me Fast team members have attended DMEXCO 2023, and are excited to share their takeaways for e-commerce companies from it.  

The annual DMEXCO expo & conference in Cologne, Germany is, undoubtedly, a crucial event for the various verticals across the digital industry, including e-commerce. In 2023, the event brought together thousands of e-retail tech leaders from across the globe to exchange their vision and forecasts for the future of online commerce as a whole, and retail media advertising, in particular.

Quite predictably, the Track Me Fast attended DMEXCO 2023, too, and now that we’re back, it’s high time to share our team’s key takeaways from the event.

Retail Media Ad Boom Comes to Europe 

Following the spectacular growth of the U.S. retail media ad market, this niche is finally accelerating its evolution in the European Union. 

Namely, in spite of the 3x stronger retail media penetration, currently tracked in the USA, the online retail media offerings in Europe have jumped by almost 40% YoY in 2022 (per IAB Europe reports), with its strong endemic players, like Zalando and Otto, for instance, stepping up their game.

Quite predictably, some of the key challenges in retail media advertising, like cross-retailer outreach, for instance, remain the same, but most businesses in the industry are optimistic about overcoming these in the short-/mid-term perspective. 

Generative AI Drives Personalization in E-commerce 

As many experts speaking at the conference admitted, the evolution of generative AI tech solutions, in tandem with predictive AI, has started the next chapter in online commerce, making the production and optimization of product creatives (including both the text, and the media assets) smoother than ever before. 

More importantly, combining these with the use of AI-powered predictive tools enable achieving increasingly higher customer engagement rates by creating and delivering entirely new, hyper-personalized content messages to each of them in mere milliseconds. And this is what retail media publishers are likely to focus on heading closer to the Winter Holiday season. 

The Track Me Fast team would like to thank DMEXCO 2023 organizers and, certainly, everyone we met in person during this year’s expo & conference. 

See you all at DMEXCO 2024!